Smiling Is A Blissful Way To Live Longer! World Smile Day – October 7

world smile day

Harvey Ball, a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts created the smiley face in 1963. That image went on to become the most recognizable symbol of good will and good cheer on the planet. The smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion.  The first Friday in October each year is known as World Smile Day and it is a day to share your smile with the world.


A laugh is a smile that bursts”  Mary H. Waldrip 


Smiling is contagious.  It changes our mood. It fights stress and builds your resiliency. Smiling boosts your immune system. It lowers your blood pressure and blocks pain.  Smiling makes your face look younger.


Beverly`s Hot Tips For Building Resiliency On World Smile Day:

  • Use ItIf you’re not using your smile, you’re like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook.”  Les Giblin
  • Fake It Until You Make It. We have been conditioned to worry.  Having some worries to think about has been imposed by society as a “normal” state. Don`t follow along. There is a theory entitled the “facial feedback” hypothesis. Research has shown that the muscles in our faces that allow us to smile actually stimulate our brain and when this part of the brain is stimulated, it makes us feel happy. Combat stress and build your resiliency with a smile.
  • Share It.  There are friendly smiles and romantic smile.  There are many different smiles and different ways the act of smiling can be done. Smiles can communicate feelings, show kindness. or help take someone’s mind off their problems.  It is free and it is easy to do.



Written by Beverly Beuermann-King

Building Resiliency Through Stress and Wellness Strategies. Stress and resiliency strategist, Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP, translates current research and best practices information into a realistic, accessible and more practical approach through her dynamic stress and wellness workshops, on-line stress and resiliency articles, books, e-briefs and media interviews.

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