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Colleagues Working Together As A TeamAs part of our Seven Spokes of Wellness Series: Hiring Happiness Engineers

Big Viking Games in London, ON., hired  ‘happiness engineers’ to create a low-stress work environment in a high-stress industry. The video game company is dedicated to doing just about anything to keep their employees happy. Their arsenal of happiness includes daily catered lunches, a soft-serve ice cream machine, and even puppies.

Albert Lai, co-founder of Big Viking Games, believes that if the company creates a happier work environment everyone will want to be a part of it. He then hopes it will attract the best people for every position in the company. Those people will then design the best products, and create more profits. Lai knows that he will get a return on this investment from the employees they hire. “Can you afford not to do it, and be successful?  We cannot afford to have anything less but stellar people working with us,” say Lai.

His theory seems to be proving itself. In April 2015, the company was named one of the top 10 medium business employers in Canada by the Great Places to Work Institute. This year it was also named one of Canada’s Top Employers for young people.

For Leaders:

Hiring a happiness engineer may not be an option for all companies, however…


Ask your teams what suggestions, large and small, will create a happier workplace for them.  Even small steps are noticed and appreciated.  Try not to make the mistake of looking at these as minor details. As Lai mentioned, unhappy employees are not giving you their best and are not able to give you their best.  This is impacting your bottom line.

You will not be able to please everyone or make everyone happy, but the majority will respect your efforts and this will positively impact your corporate environment.

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