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Workplace Wellness: 5 Reasons Why Excellent Programs Fail

healthy workplaceWhat sets a program up for failure?  Unsuccessful Workplace Wellness Programs have some common characteristics, that those who are initiating wellness in their own organization, can learn from.    

Excellent Programs often fail because:

  • They don’t have true commitment from all levels of management
  • They are not accepted by the employees that they are designed to serve
  • They don’t get the resources they need to continue
  • They don’t address the most...

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Confidence, Competence and Control: How To Deliver What They Want

Though everyone may want something unique from their job, there are some common things that employees want their job to provide. Overall employees want to gain a sense of confidence, competence and control. During the 1960s, clinical psychologist Fredrick Herzberg researched the reasons behind employee satisfaction and discovered that certain workplace factors contribute to job satisfaction and motivation = motivators - while a completely separate set of factors contribute to dissatisfaction = hygiene...

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How Stress Can Be Good For Our Teams

Resiliency and Stress ResponseWe have all heard of our Fight and Flight response. Check out most of the articles on stress and you will see headlines such as "Stress: The Number One Killer", "4 Way Stress Is Destroying Your Body" and "How Stress Is Killing Your Libido". Is it an outdated system in today's modern world? Does it still serve a purpose? What else can we rely on? New research...

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Social Connections and The Importance of Workplace Relationships

Social SupportIssue: We are forming fewer friendships than in the past. Many of us are stressed out with too much to do and not enough time to do it in.  As life gets busier, our social network often gets smaller and smaller.  We barely have enough time for ourselves or our families, let alone staying connected with our true friends. In previous decades, work was a major source of friendships. There were company...

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