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Workplace Wellness: Measuring Wellness Outcomes

evaluate your lifeWhen designing your comprehensive workplace wellness program, it is essential that you build evaluation into the process. If it is not considered right at the beginning, it will be hard to measure whether or not your initiatives are truly effective and worthwhile. Step One – Determine Benchmarks Initial research should examine:

  • Employee activity levels before the program is started
  • Employee health
  • Current costs of illness to benefit programs
  • ...

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Mental Illness Awareness Week: Five Action Steps For Employers

depression mental illness and stressOn any given day, 10 to 15 per cent of Canadians are experiencing a work-limiting mental disorder. Over the course of a year, 20 to 25 per cent of the population will experience mental disorders. Over the course of their working lives, up to 40 per cent of workers will experience a mental disorder. Fewer than 30 per cent of those who...

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Workplace Wellness: Leadership Practices That Can Lead To A Toxic Workplace

difficult-person-negative-attitudeFrom the small, mom-and-pop shop to large corporations, to even entire governments, we are plagued with shared stories of workplace bullying, harassment, and drama. And not surprisingly in today's political climate, there is no shortage of media coverage on the ill effects of a toxic workplace. There is a difference between routine workplace hassles and working in an environment that stresses you out to the point of dread and...

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Balancing Employee Benefits: Cost Containment and Employer of Choice

IllnessAlthough a significant cost to an employer, there are many intrinsic benefits to providing employees with a comprehensive benefit plan. For most employers, it is the ability to find and keep highly qualified employees that is the key driver to providing these benefits and becoming an employer of choice. Despite cost containment efforts in recent years, employer spending on benefits programs for employees represents a significant cost and is currently averaging...

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Workplace Wellness: 5 Reasons Why Excellent Programs Fail

healthy workplaceWhat sets a program up for failure?  Unsuccessful Workplace Wellness Programs have some common characteristics, that those who are initiating wellness in their own organization, can learn from.    

Excellent Programs often fail because:

  • They don’t have true commitment from all levels of management
  • They are not accepted by the employees that they are designed to serve
  • They don’t get the resources they need to continue
  • They don’t address the most...

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