How Vulnerable Are You?

Is stress putting you at risk?  The following test will indicate your positive coping skills. It will also give you some clues as to what you can improve upon in order to deal with your stress or to decrease your stress load.

Score each question below from 1 (Agree/Almost always true) to 5 (Disagree/Never true), according to how much of the time the statement applies to you.


30-59 indicates that you are doing fairly well at coping with stress

60-74 indicates that you may be vulnerable to the impact of stress

75-119 indicates that you are fairly vulnerable to the impact of stress

120 + indicates that you are extremely vulnerable to the impact of stress.  It is time to rethink how you are living,  and pay careful attention to positive coping strategies.

So now what?

This test and resulting information is part of Beverly’s S-O-S Principle that she uses in her Presentations and Workshops. To find out more about how to turn these results into positive strategies using the S-O-S Principle, consider bringing Beverly to your team.

To bring Stress Speaker and Wellness Expert, Beverly Beuermann-King to your workplace today, email or call 705-786-0437.

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