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A proven product and and effective speaker are important when choosing stress and wellness workshops for your organization. Look below to find testimonials from groups just like yours that have chosen Beverly as their stress speaker and wellness expert.

Beverly has worked with hundreds of organizations and companies in many industries and understands their unique stressors.  Contact Beverly to see how she can work with you and your team.


** OAYEC Announces that Beverly is rated as one of their Top 10 Presenters over the past 20 years! **


“…Beverly provided a one-day workshop on Work Life Balance to CUPE National Representatives during our staff training session in Alberta. Beverly was enthusiastic in sharing her knowledge and perspectives, as well as open to reflecting on the participant’s questions and commentary. We certainly enjoyed and applauded Beverly’s professionalism, humour, candor and presentation. And, we are currently scheduling another training session with her…”
– Dianne, Canadian Union of Public Employees

“…Beverly’s presentation was excellent – the topic was extremely relevant and the presentation was polished and professional. She connected with the audience and based on the very positive feedback from the attendees re this session, motivated them to reevaluate how they currently handle multiple demands in an ever-changing environment and to consider new strategies for managing both their own stress and that of the employees reporting to them. I would certainly consider hiring Beverly again and would not hesitate to recommend her to others…”
– Terry, LexisNexis Canada

“…I would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to you on a job well done…your presentation was informative, thought provoking and interesting. Students who attended the course were impressed by your professionalism and knowledge. Comments such as, “you have no idea how much this has helped me”, “I learned how to handle stress more effectively and how to recognize it” and “Understanding that symptoms of depression may not all occur at once” attest to your level of ability in delivering the material. In York Region we have a strong Mental Health Program and that is in large part to the contributions of our community members, hospitals and guest lecturers like Beverly Beuermann-King…”
– Douglas, York Regional Police

“…Your “stress busters” workshop was a huge success. Your creativity and energy shone through your presentations. This kept interest levels high and made participation easy. In terms of content and relevance, it is obvious from the comments received what the general consensus was: “Excellent workshop.  Learned how the simplest strategy can make a difference. Great presentation. Learned what to do during stressful situations.”  On behalf of the OFA, thank you for conducting a motivating and enlightening workshop.  Looking forward to having you again…”
– Joan, Ontario Financing Authority

“…Beverly Beuermann–King has been a key contributor to the Wellness programming here at TELUS in the past. Beverly’s presentation manner, approachability and dependability make her an excellent partner for our wellness programs here at TELUS as we work to provide ‘best-in-class’ programming for stress management and overall health. When Beverly last spoke to our team member’s the positive feedback was overwhelming (93% of team members rated her session as “excellent”). When looking for a captivating, motivating and inspiring speaker, TELUS Wellness would not hesitate in contacting Beverly again…”
– Jackie, TELUS

“…Thank you for the excellent presentation that you made to our ‘Women in Operations’ group at Hallmark.  The session was extremely energizing, and motivating.  It gave everyone the much needed opportunity to bring wellness to the forefront. You are a consummate professional, well versed in your topics. You gain a rapid and positive rapport with your audience, keeping them both focused and interested in the session. Feedback from the session has been great, including comments such as ‘Excellent – gave time to laugh and think about my life’, ‘Great speaker’, ‘Absolutely awesome’, Wonderful speaker, held my interest during the entire presentation’’… to name a few. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future…”
– Shaunagh, Hallmark Canada

“…Beverly did an outstanding job conveying the information, ensuring the audience captured the information and provided tools for the group to retain the information. Beverly facilitated these courses for us with energy, enthusiasm, and a great depth of knowledge and I would not hesitate to use her again for other topics she offers. The feedback from the Supervisor group Beverly trained was very positive including responses such as, “awesome, fabulous, high energy, interactive and entertaining” to name a few…”
– Bruce, Ontario Works in Peel

“…Beverly Beuermann-King of Work Smart Live Smart presented a Stress Management lunch & Learn as part of our employee wellness series. The presentation Beverly delivered was excellent.  This was one of the most popular sessions attended by our employees.  Below are some of the participant’s comments we received…’Really enjoyed the course and I look forward to this helping me both personally and professionally. Knowledgeable instructor and the materials were great. Beverly knows her stuff. I found the information in this lunch and learn very helpful. This was one of the best presented sessions and I would love to have more from her.'”
– Bruce, Tarion

“…I am happy to have the opportunity to recommend Beverly Beuermann-King, Stress and Wellness Specialist on behalf of the Association of Law Officers of the Crown. We are a labour organization representing lawyers employed by the government of Ontario.  Each year, we organize a three-day educational conference. We retained Ms. Beuermann-King as a speaker to provide a 75-minute seminar, Thriving With Stress –Work Smart Live Smart at our conference. The seminar was somewhat challenging in that the participants had varying levels of knowledge of the area with many participants having attended other seminars on similar topics previously. Ms. Beuermann-King was well prepared and demonstrated an excellent ability to make her presentation appropriate for the audience. One participant commented that  Ms. Beuermann-King  “put all the pieces together and offered practical strategies for lowering stress.” Ms. Beuermann-King’s presentation style was interesting and captivated the participants’ attention.  Participants commented that she was “Very dynamic and clear – inspirational without being fake;” “full of energy;” “an impressive speaker;” “Excellent;” “Lively presenter.”  We were impressed by Ms. Beuermann-King’s presentation skills and her ability to provide a very interactive seminar…”
– Nicholas, Association of Law Officers of the Crown

“…As the Manager of Human Resources at the Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf, I am responsible for coordinating employee training and development workshops. One of the workshops was a Stress Management Workshop facilitated by Beverly Beuermann-King.  It was truly a pleasure working with Beverly to arrange the workshop. I found Beverly to be organized, efficient and extremely competent.  Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. Her advice throughout the workshop has been a great help to our employees, many of whom have taken time to share their comments with me regarding her pleasant and encouraging attitude. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Beverly Beuermann-King without reservation…’
– Rhonda, Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf

“…I hired Beverly to speak at the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management Spring Conference. CSNM is a Society whose members are primarily Nutrition Managers who work in Long Term or Acute Care facilities across Canada. Beverly is a creative and original thinker. She has excellent speaking skills, is an enthusiastic speaker possessing insightful ideas, and plenty of common sense that she has applied to her presentation for the CSNM AGM and Conference. In addition, she has demonstrated excellent powers of observation, and an ability to communicate and suggest change in effective but non-threatening ways. Early on, Beverly was interested in creating a presentation for us that would be relevant to the audience to which she was speaking. From the beginning of her assignment, Beverly began to fulfill our expectations of a good speaker.  She started by participating in discussions with myself and suggesting and implementing several changes to her script. The presentation we wanted was normally a full day session, but Beverly was able to shorten its length without impacting the flow of her presentation – all to the great praise of the conference delegates. In all, Beverly has gone beyond expectations, and out-shined all other speakers…”
– Pat, Canadian Society of Nutrition Management

“…The presentation she did for us fit our needs. She is an excellent speaker. I thought she did an excellent job of outlining the importance of a wellness program from both the perspective of an employee and of an employer. It complimented very well what we have been trying to accomplish here through our workplace wellness program initiatives. Her workbook for participants is very good and was well received. Her PowerPoint presentation was filled with examples and expanded on the content of the hand out resource. She is also very easy and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitancy in recommending her highly…”
– Keith,  Windsor-Essex County Health Unit

“…The Ontario Retirement Communities Association has provided our members with presentations offered by Ms. Beverly Beuermann-King. Our members, consisting of Retirement Facility Administrators & Directors of Care, received Ms. Beuermann-King with a very positive attitude… some of the comments indicated on our evaluation forms…‘Presentation was Awesome’ ‘Liked strategy of meeting the needs of the difficult person’ ‘Excellent – Very well presented and clear excellent examples’ ‘Related well to life and work’…ORCA would not hesitate to contact Ms. Beuermann-King once again for her services…”
– Vera, ORCA

“…To date, Ms. Beuermann-King has completed eight workshops for our organization. All of them were well attended by staff in various job functions, including Front-line social workers, Supervisors and Administration staff.  Ms. Beuermann-King is a highly effective trainer. Her workshop was informative and relevant to the work of our staff. Her enthusiastic, engaging and humorous approach has made this workshop a great success.  Some of the comments from participants include:  “Excellent speaker…the presenter was great and informative” “Great energy, assertive, knowledgeable and practical…” “An exceptional workshop” “Engaging…enjoyed such an interactive workshop” “Facilitator knowledgeable and had a sense of humour” “Fun, Comprehensive, Valuable, Effective…” Children’s Aid Society of Toronto highly recommends Ms. Beuermann-King as she is a solid, reliable and professional trainer…”
– Heidi, Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

“…Please accept this letter with thanks, for your presentation on “Handling Negative Attitudes & Difficult People”.  We were very pleased and impressed with this workshop. The following are some samples of the comments that were received by the participants: ‘Thanks so much – I am disappointed that you were not speaking all day’, ‘Great tips’, ‘Very interactive’, ‘Awesome speaker’, ‘Clear usable information’, ‘Learned how to more effectively work with co-workers’, ‘Strategies were helpful and easy to implement’, ‘It refreshed my mind and thoughts’. I look forward to possible future opportunities to work with you again…”
– Carol-Ann, Corporation of the County of Simcoe

“…For each event that we do, we look for speakers and facilitators that are professional and are experienced enough to deliver clear and concise keynotes and interactive workshops to our audiences and Beverly has certainly done that for us. The evaluations from our delegates have always come back to us indicating that she gave an excellent presentation and that the content was valuable, informative and non-judgemental…”
– Bunny, Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres

“…Beverly Beuermann-King was contracted as a speaker for a workshop on “Handling Negative Attitudes and Difficult People” for staff at George Brown College. This session was part of our Professional Development Week for staff.  We did a lot of research and searching for the right speaker for our staff in regards to dealing with negative people. Beverly is a dynamic speaker and was able to naturally relate and engage her audience.  She was also able to relate her material and customize it to our group. I would highly recommend Beverly as a speaker for any institution…”
– Stacey, George Brown College

“…The Ontario Trillium Foundation hired Beverly to deliver a workshop on “Joy, Success and Meaning” at our annual Wellness Day event. The session was highly successful with most of the participants who responded to the evaluation indicating that the workshop met their expectations. Some employee comments included: ‘Excellent. Interactive and excellent’, Warm, funny and knowledgeable.  Liked sharing experiences and knowing that we are not alone. Dynamic presentation with good tips.’ Beverly is knowledgeable and presents in a casual, informative manner in the workshop that was perfect to meet our needs. Staff were very grateful for the initiative and many commented afterward that the session gave them an interesting new perspective on what balance is. I highly recommend Beverly…”
– Maisie, The Ontario Trillium Foundation

“…Ms. Beverly Beuermann-King presented her “Thriving with Stress & Negative Attitudes” workshop to employees of The Salvation Army Broadview Village. Ms. Beuermann-King gave valuable information in a fun dynamic way. Participants really enjoyed the session & we continue to draw from it & apply information into our work settings. The following are comments made by participants; ‘Excellent’, ‘Gained strategies on how to deal with difficult people’, ‘Easy to understand’, ‘Fabulous Day’, ‘Learned that I need a plan to de-stress’, ‘The self-tests were insightful and beneficial’, ‘Liked hearing this in a positive professional level’, ‘I learned a lot about myself and others’, ‘Enjoyed the presentation – best one we’ve had here’, ‘An eye-opener’. As Broadview Village continues and grows so does our staff development needs and I’m confident that we will be asking Ms. Beverly Beuermann-King to return to present in the future…”
– Cory, Salvation Army Broadview Village

“…We have found Beverly to be exceptional at delivering this workshop, our staff fill out an evaluation at the end of each workshop and these are a few of the things that they have written about Beverly. “Instructor & presentation were excellent” “Beverly is the right person for the job” “Best speaker that I can remember” “Excellent Presentation & Facilitator”. I too have had the opportunity to attend Beverly’s workshop and found her to be a dynamic speaker with a grasp of how to read her audience and adjust her presentation to suit their needs. I find her to be professional, personable and articulate and hope to continue our relationship well into the future…”
– Debra, Reena