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Stress Out! book

Stress Out! 52 Weeks To Letting More Life In

Stress Out! 52 Weeks To Letting More Life In This book focuses on easy-to-implement, stress and resiliency tips that can help bring you more joy, happiness and success to your life. (Available as a soft cover or eBook)

Workplace Wellness 2.0

Workplace Wellness 2.0
Get Started Today

Workplace Wellness 2.0 is an online course to help you further develop your comprehensive wellness program. Each of the four modules will help ensure that your wellness program is comprehensive and on target.

Workplace Wellness - Leadership and Resilient Teams

You Need A Strong Wheel On A Bumpy Road

You Need A Strong Wheel On A Bumpy Road: Building Healthy Teams and Leaders will guide you to successfully implement strategies that will result in improved organizational health through building resilient teams. (Available as an eBook)

Stress & Wellness Blog

Stress & Wellness Blog

Read these weekly postings including the latest statistics, tips and opinions on dealing with work and daily life stress. They are short and often humourous tips on achieving balance and finding more joy, success and meaning in your life.

Stress & Wellness Articles

Stress & Wellness Articles

View over 50 articles on everything from workplace productivity to mental illness, for educational purposes for your team or for your personal success.

Vulnerability to Stress Test

Stress Vulnerability Test

Uncover your positive stress coping skills and areas that you can improve in order to deal with stress more effectively.

Stress Facts

Stress Facts

Read the latest research on sources and symptoms of stress and effective coping strategies.



Path to Wellness Newsletter

Path To Wellness eBrief

Review best practices in Corporate Wellness Programming and Employee Wellness by reading past postings from our free eBrief. Subscribe and receive the complete eBrief several times a year. If your company is doing something extraordinary to promote health and wellness, send it to Beverly and it may be highlighted in an upcoming issue.

Wellness Calendar

Wellness Calendar

The Wellness Awareness Calendar contains more that 450 wellness awareness days, weeks and months that you can use to enhance your workplace awareness programming.

Video: Interviews on Stress

Videos: Interviews On Stress

Watch over 25 videos of Beverly interviewed by various media outlets, providing tips and strategies on dealing with various causes and symptoms related to stress.

Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week Tips

Look here to find 10 Tips To Promote Mental Health Week in May along with Daily Email Mental Health Week Tips. Also available is a media release for Mental Health Week.

SOS To Stress Day

SOS To Stress Day

Join us in celebrating SOS To STRESS Day on June 30. SOS To STRESS Day encourages everyone to evaluate their coping tactics and ensure that they have the right strategies to handle whatever life has to offer.

Stress Quotes

Stress Quotes

Check out Beverly’s favourite stress and wellness quotes. If you have a favourite, send it to Beverly and she may add it for others to enjoy.

Stress Updates on Twitter

Stress Updates On Twitter

Beverly makes it a point to stay on top of the latest news and research related to stress and wellness which she posts on a daily basis. If you have a Twitter account, follow Beverly.

Stress Updates on Facebook

Stress Updates On Facebook

Beverly forwards all of her Twitter feeds to her Facebook page. If you would prefer to have this information sent to you via Facebook, go and LIKE our page! Beverly also posts polls and awareness information on the FaceBook page that isn’t available on Twitter. So, go ahead and follow both!

Awakening The Workplace Book

Awakening The Workplace Book – Out of Stock!

Achieving Connection, Fulfillment and Success At Work. Awakening The Workplace has 16 Chapters – filled with knowledge, wisdom and tools on workplace issues and innovation. *Sorry we are out of stock.