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Are you wanting to Strengthen Your Leadership Team? Increase Sales? Deal With Change? Improve Your Customer Service. Motivate Your Attendees?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you need to consider how stress is a key factor in building success:

“The workplace can be a strong contributor to mental well-being, giving the opportunity to feel productive and achieve potential.  Yet, it can also be a negative and stressful environment, that contributes to the rise of mental health problems and illnesses and takes you off of your path to success.”

Beverly’s presentations described below can help you, your leaders and your team members promote resiliency, strengthen well-being and achieve success within your organization.


Focus On The S-O-S Principle™

Everybody’s experience and expression of wellness is unique and different, so that there is not a ‘one-size fits all’ solution to managing stress or achieving health. Optimal health is being able to live your life to the fullest, without feeling overwhelmed or unsatisfied.

The S-O-S Principle™ ensures that the right strategies are considered for your unique situation, so that you don’t get caught in a ‘flavour-of-the-day strategy’ that may or may not be helpful in addressing your stressors and reactions.


Workshop Themes

The stress management and resiliency presentations (described below) provide the insight, practical tools, and strategies, based on the S-O-S Principle™ that are needed to achieve balance, fulfillment and success. Beverly works with you to customize each presentation to meet the unique needs of your organization.  Beverly knows that one, two or three hours isn’t going to instantly change your world, but unlike most other stress and wellness presentations, these S-O-S based presentations will provide the long-term framework for making better decision on how to decrease stress and increase health and wellness.

Beverly’s keynotes and workshops are a great fit to your conference/meeting themes around:

  • Strengthening Leadership
  • Building Effective Teams
  • Dealing With Change
  • Increasing Motivation
  • Better Sales and/or Customer Service

For more information about the specific learning outcomes for each workshop below, simply click on the workshop that best suits your team’s specific needs.


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Why Choose Beverly

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    50,000 leaders and employees have heard Beverly’s messages and she has appeared more than 500 times on various television and radio media programs.

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    Focused stress, health and wellness topics that can be customized to directly relate to your group’s needs. From a timely, inspiring keynote to a more in-depth seminar or workshop, Beverly can accommodate your time frame.

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    Beverly continually averages above 90% for quality of presentation and information and above 90% in relevance to daily living. Companies continually ask Beverly back, check out their testimonials.

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    As one of only 70 Certified Speaking Professionals in Canada, Past-President of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Toronto Chapter and a member of the Global Speakers Federation, Beverly continually updates her knowledge and speaking skills.

Stress, Resiliency and Well-Being Focus


From Surviving to ThrivingDay to Day Stress?
S-O-S: From Surviving To Thriving With Stress

Stress is a fact of life. Our reactions to the daily stressors can leave us exposed to a variety of illnesses and injuries or can take us away from our life goals. This workshop will discuss valuable resiliency strategies that you can utilize to help you strive for optimal health.

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Harness Your Energy - Bust Your StressNeed More Energy?
Harness Your Energy – Build Your Resiliency

The way in which we work can cause exhaustion and contribute to job stress. This lively workshop demonstrates valuable stress busting techniques that can utilize and nurture our energy, restore focus and help to prevent injury and illness.

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Dealing With Difficult PeopleDifficult People?
Stop Letting Difficult People Ruin Your Day

From customers to co-workers, family members to acquaintances, difficult people create situations in which we become frustrated, and feel powerless. This fun and informative workshop will show how to effectively handle negative attitudes and difficult people.

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Stress Smart LeadersSupporting Your Team?
High Performance Leadership – Building Resiliency

Company leaders are in a unique position to assist employees in recognizing and dealing with the various causes of stress and symptoms of stress faced in the workplace. This workshop explores a variety of useful and practical ways leaders can help their team relieve stress, improve productivity and achieve their objectives based on the S-O-S Principle™.

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Work Life BalanceFind A Better Balance?
Creating The Balance You Desire

Life places many demands on our time and energy and balance can feel like an unrealistic dream. This interactive and reflective workshop examines the results of a lack of satisfaction in one’s life, as well as suggestions for living a more integrated and balance life based on the S-O-S Principle™.

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Beating Holiday StressDeal With Holiday Stress?
Holidays By Design: Beating Holiday Stress

Holidays provide an opportunity for celebration, gift-giving, tradition, relaxation and relationship and spiritual renewal, but they can also create a great deal of stress. This lively workshop helps participants develop practical coping strategies based on the S-O-S Principle™.

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Workplace Stress to Workplace SuccessStress At Work?
Workplace Stress To Workplace Success

Some stress is essential to maintain peak performance. However, too much job stress can lower productivity, lead to workaholism, create burnout, increase medical claims, and decrease employee satisfaction. This workshop will help you understand the causes of work stress and stress symptoms and give you proven stress management techniques.

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Making Wellness Work: Employee Wellness ProgramsBuild A Comprehensive Wellness Plan?
Making Wellness Work

Helping employees handle stress is a smart business decision and healthy employees positively impact your bottom line. Designed for team leaders, this workshop reviews the structures and supports within your workplace to facilitate developing strategies that will create a comprehensive wellness program based on the S-O-S Principle™.

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Stress & Health Solutions for Shift Workers WorkshopBe A Healthy Shift Worker?
Stress &  Health Solutions for Shift-Workers

Shift work has increased enormously during our modern era, which can pose many difficulties and cause increased stress to employees. This workshop provides practical strategies for reducing the negative impact of shift work stress on sleep, health and relationships.

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Mental Illness Focus

Breaking The Silence of Mental IllnessMental Illness: Breaking The Silence

Silence about mental illness is costly and many who need help often suffer in silence. Unfortunately mental illness is hidden and kept taboo in our workplaces. Reducing the stigma and promoting mental health start with education. This mental illness workshop promotes awareness and knowledge of the symptoms, frequency, treatment options and tips for coping with mental illness.

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Combating DepressionOut Of The Depths: Combating Depression

We know that mental health claims are the fastest growing category of disability costs and that the workplace is an important venue for detection, support and connection to treatment. This informative workshop educates participants about the signs, impact and treatment options available for Depression and the need to rid the workplace of the stigma.

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Breaking The Silence of Mental IllnessSuicide Awareness: Recognition & Support

Despite suicide rates rising, most people have very little understanding of this issue of suicide, its risk factors or how to provide help. This workshop is designed to address the critical need for basic education about suicide and to enable participants to provide informed and effective suicide interventions and support to their peers, families and friends.

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Psychological Health and Safety Training for Leaders

Canada’s first national standard on psychological health and safety in the workplace was announced in January, 2013. The new National Standard of Canada provides organizations with guidelines for preventing mental injury, reducing psychological risk, and promoting a mentally healthier workplace. The standard has been developed to help assess and address the risk factors associated with mental injury in the workplace.  It encourages the building, maintaining or restoring of a culture of fairness, civility, respect and a sense of psychological safety and health within teams, departments and units.

This workshop is designed to help an organization’s leaders to better understand mental health and mental illness, learn about management practices that promote the performance and well-being of all employees, give confidence to take action when warning signs appear, facilitate the employee’s return to work and increase their knowledge and confidence in the area of psychological health and safety


Health Sustainability Program

Workplace Health SustainabilityYour body is continually repairing itself and who you are today is not who you will be several months from now.  This is a huge opportunity to become stronger, healthier and the ‘you’ that you want to be.

If you want to invest your company time and resources into significantly improving your team’s wellness and productivity, then the Health Sustainability Program is for you and your team.  This on-going program will provide the inspiration and information to facilitate real growth and change.

This program covers 4 presentations, delivered 4 weeks apart, in 2 hour blocks.  Group size is 20-25 committed people who will cover the topics of Stress, Balance, Negative Attitudes and Difficult People, and a final session to cover Stress Busters, sustainable strategies, and long-term commitment.  Participants will be emailed follow-up homework, questions to ponder and status updates in between sessions and will have access to Beverly should they require clarification or consultation.  A final evaluation will be held 4 weeks after the program to determine success and follow-up direction.

Please talk to Beverly if you want to take your team’s health to the next level.