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Summer Stress Syndrome

Summertime…and all is perfect…right?

“We expect to be more relaxed during the summer, but it can bring about its share of unexpected stress,” say stress and resiliency expert, Beverly Beuermann-King.


A survey conducted by SleepRate, reported that a third of respondents stated that they found themselves more stressed during the summer months than any other season of the year.

So what can lead to us being more stressed?

Who knew that vacationing can be stressful? Summer Stress Syndrome, which was coined by Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, is when being on vacation leaves you craving mental simulation. The idea of doing nothing may be nice for a few days but eventually can lead you to feeling unfulfilled. “Once you have regained your energy from being over-worked and over-loaded over the previous months, then physical and mental activity is the key to finding excitement and enjoyment from the rest of your vacation,” advises Beuermann-King.  But vacations may not be the only thing causing increased stress this summer.

Ever-Present and Demanding Kids
“While it is great to have a break from the numerous school projects, endless homework and myriad of school activities, for parents the downside can be constant bickering, complaining and frustration from trying to find activities to entertain.”  “The key is to plan ahead and look for a balance of activities and down time. Kids thrive on structure but be mindful about over-programming,” suggests Beuermann-King.

Nice Weather
You may be questioning how this can be a stressor.  “We tend to cram more into our week because of longer days and more opportunity to get outside. Not to mention there are more social obligations on our calendars including graduations, weddings, neighbourhood BBQ’s and family reunions.  All of these may mean less sleep and feeling worn out.”

Many homeowners tackle renovations during their summer holidays. “Even the best laid plans can go astray and financial stress can certainly be a part of the renovation journey” reported Beuermann-King. One particular study showed that 30 per cent of homeowners exceeded their renovation budget by more than 50 per cent. “Renovations can be hard on relationships as there are more opportunities for differences of opinion, conflict and becoming emotional.” A report from Houzz’ Remodeling & Relationships Survey showed that 46% of Canadians that they surveyed found the experience of renovating frustrating and 12% of couples considered divorce after their major renovation .

Impact of Summer Stress
Snappiness. Irritable. Annoyed. “Sometimes I can hear how I am responding and I wonder who the heck is this person.”

Stress can cause tension in your shoulders and neck. You lose sleep, gain weight and feel burned out. The long-term effects of stress can up your risk for heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders and mental distress.

According to a study by Synovate, 1 out 6 of us reports being  more moody and irritable when stressed and with more than three quarters of the Canadian population feeling very or extremely stressed every day or almost every day, that can lead to a lot of very grumpy people.

Author of Stress Out: 52 Weeks To Letting More Life In.

Celebrating Resiliency June 30, 2016

SOS To STRESS Day is not just about promoting awareness around the negative impact of stress. SOS To STRESS Day encourages everyone to evaluate their priorities and coping tools and ensure that they have the ‘right’ strategies, to handle whatever life has to offer.

“Each week, we hear reports and studies of how bad stress is, how it impacts our minds, bodies, families and workplaces. We know that there are lifestyle choices that we should be making, but we are busy and life is hectic. It is easier to do what we have always done, then to give our lives an over-haul,” comments Beuermann-King.

But an over-haul may not be needed. For many, it may be more about tweaking. “Coping with stress is simple…though not always easy. It’s about having enough tools, and the right tools, in your coping tool belt to build your resiilency,” continues Beuermann-King.

As part of her presentations to help corporations, organizations and employees, Beuermann-King developed the S-O-S Principle. “The goal of the S-O-S Principle is to have a variety of strategies that help you to deal with what is happening in your life, take care of yourself through those situations and feel supported by those around you.”

How Can You Help?
Beverly Beuermann-King is inviting media, employers, health care organizations and associations across the country to bring awareness to the issue of guilt, coping with stress and creating balance and life satisfaction.

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Since SOS To Stress Day falls on a Thursday this year, organizations and employers can post links to on-line articles and tools, develop and disseminate educational materials and/or start a social media discussion. It may be as simple as sending out a reminder that SOS To Stress Day is just before Canada Day, and encourage their employees to consciously plan to do some activities that will relax, re-energize and reconnect them to friends and family.

“The more that we share our strategies with each other, the more we understand that we are not alone, that coping is possible and that there is a myriad of choices out there for us to keep us moving forward.”


Beverly’s Hot Tips for Celebrating SOS To STRESS Day:

  • You’re not a invincible machine, so don’t treat yourself like one. Plan and pace yourself and your children for a balance of mental downtime and mental stimulation.
  • Spend time away from the kids. Create some ‘me-time’ where you can gather your energy and your thoughts.
  • While on vacation consider planning something that requires a skill and involvement different from what you normally do. Planning is the key to keeping stress in check for those who are suffering from Pre-Vacation Antsiness those stuck in Post-Vacation Blues and those who are plagued with No-Vacation Bitterness.
  • Practice good self-care strategies. Keep hydrated and focus on getting a good night’s sleep. Enjoy regular exercise. Walking is a good way to reduce stress. Try walking barefoot.  Research done at UCLA found that walking barefoot helps cut anxiety by 62%.
  • Watch what you eat. Summer parties and activities are filled with tempting treats that can add to our stress. These can spike your blood sugar levels and add stress to your metabolism.
  • Your guests are coming to see you, a little disorganization will not daunt your guests or make them think less of you. Make meals as simple as possible. If you are entertaining, lower your standards and simplify.
  • If you are going to tackle renovations, get solid advice from a professional. This can help to ensure that your timelines and deadlines are realistic and you may thwart any potential surprises ahead of time.

Stress Facts:

  •  85% of employees say work performance has been affected by work, health and personal pressures. (Canada Life)
  • 18% of Canadians do not take the time to stop for a lunch break. (Angus Reid)
  • Those who had high work-related stress were found to have elevated inflammatory parameters and faced twice the risk of Cardiovascular Disease than those who had low levels of work stress. (Aviva)
  • Six-in-ten Canadian adults and youth feel tired most of the time. 36% said that there was not enough time to sleep. 27% said that they had too much on their mind and couldn’t relax. (Leger Health of Canadians)
  • 81% of those who considered them self successful said that having a good work life balance was important to their success. (American Express)
  • Stressful work can lead to a 25% increased risk of heart conditions but a healthy lifestyle, outside work mitigates this effect. (CMHA)


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