Session Checklist

Help Beverly make this session truly extraordinary!

Confirm Participation

Confirm with the team members that they will be attending the session. Let Beverly know the final numbers at least one week ahead to ensure the correct number of participant manuals to be printed.   It’s always a nice touch to send an email reminder to them highlighting the objectives of the session, pre-work (if any) and the session date, times and location.  Beverly will also be happy to post comments on appropriate social networking sites to help with the promotion.


Room Set Up

Make sure the seating fits the room.  If the session has less than twenty people the standard “U-shape” configuration can be used.  If easels are being used, place them at the opening of the “U”.  Half-rounds are preferred for mid-sized and larger groups, with no backs facing the front of the room.

Please use full house lights throughout most of the room and slightly dimmer towards to the screen.

When multimedia is used, Beverly brings her own laptop.  LCD projectors will usually require speakers and a connection to a DVD player or a VCR.  For groups larger than 50, it is helpful to have a microphone.  For groups larger than 75 people, it is a necessity.  Beverly’s preference is a wireless lavaliere microphone.  Beverly will arrive about 30-60 minutes before the presentation to ensure a solid connection between her equipment and your in-house equipment and to do a sound check.  When all else fails, Beverly will have a USB flash drive to use with your equipment.

Projection Screen
If multimedia is used, place the screen at the front left or right of the room, and a small table for the laptop to be placed in a non-conspicuous place in the room.

If the session has more than 75 people, you will need a riser so the participants can see what is happening in the front of the room. When setting up the riser, the distance from the first row of seats/table to the riser should be no more than 10 feet. The ideal riser height for audiences of up to 200 people is 6″ to 12″.  For larger audiences (more than 200 people), the riser should be 12″ to 24″ in height.  Beverly is height challenged and moves around on stage, so a podium is not a good fit.  A small table on the stage will suffice for her notes, laptop if necessary, etc.

Chart Paper
For some events, a flip chart will be required.  3M Post It Charts are the easiest to write on and ensure that walls are not damaged. Please test markers to ensure that they are working and in at least 5 dark colours including red, black, blue and green.



Create a sign for the door to let the team know they are in the right place.


Name Tags or Name Tents

For groups smaller than 20, please have name tents for each participant.  They may know each other, but Beverly may not know their names!  For larger groups, name tags/badges may be more appropriate.  PLEASE have the first name written LARGE, so Beverly can see it and personalize her comments.



A setting of 20 degrees Celsius/70 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal.  Know how and who will monitor the temperature throughout the session as rooms can vary throughout the day.



As these presentations promote health, please provide water at the tables or at the back of the room. If snacks or meals are provided, please ensure that they too promote health and wellness and are not too sugar based.


Writing Materials

For all our sessions, we provide a handouts.  You may also want to provide a pen or pencil for the participants to take notes or remind them to bring one with them.  Extra writing paper will be needed for most group discussions.

Evaluation forms will be provided by Beverly to determine the next best steps for your team.  You may use your own in-house form along with Beverly’s if you prefer.



Make sure the introducer is comfortable introducing the objectives of the program and Beverly’s introduction at the beginning of the program.