Professional Speakers Day – August 7

professional speaker's dayCanadian Leaders Fail To Master The Body’s Most Influential Tool.

For many Canadians leaders, success is dependent on their ability to effectively and efficiently present their ideas to others, yet many of us have been victims of leaders who have put us to sleep. These leaders have not mastered the body’s most influential tool – their voice.

According to research by Towers and Perrin, employees want communication that is an open and honest exchange of information – both the good and the bad – and presentations that are clear and understandable.

“To succeed as a leader you must make things happen through others. They must hear you, understand you and believe you. And they must act on your message. You need to be a powerful presenter,” states George Torok, a presentations coach and member of the Canadian Association Of Professional Speakers.

Speaking effectively is rarely a natural talent, but it is one that can be learned. Many leaders are trained to focus only on reasoning and logic. People are not motivated to act by reason alone. People are moved by purpose, by stories and by passion. An effective leader is able to tell the story along with the facts to bring people on board.

Unfortunately, too many leaders annoy their audiences.


Beverly’s Hot Tips On Ensuring Your Message Has Impact:

Add stories, anecdotes, testimonials, analogies and/or demonstrations

  • Alternate moving and standing still, speaking and listening, doing and thinking, loud and quiet
  • Use humor appropriately – make it in good taste
  • Make eye contact to establish audience involvement
  • Gesture naturally and avoiding annoying habits such as jingling change in a pocket, toying with notes, shifting from one foot to the other
  • And finally, be yourself. Let the real you come through.



If you have some strategies to share – comment on this posting!


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Written by Beverly Beuermann-King

Building Resiliency Through Stress and Wellness Strategies. Stress and resiliency strategist, Beverly Beuermann-King, CSP, translates current research and best practices information into a realistic, accessible and more practical approach through her dynamic stress and wellness workshops, on-line stress and resiliency articles, books, e-briefs and media interviews.

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