National Chocolate Day – December 24

chocolate dayI am a chocoholic. I love milk chocolate. Creamy. Rich. Sweet. Delicious. It picks me up when I am down.

Is this wrong? Not terribly. We all have comfort foods and mine is chocolate. I don’t eat it everyday. My addiction is quite mild most of the time. But there are days when I just have to give in. I have scavenged the cupboards looking for any type of chocolaty morsel. And when I do indulge, I try to do so with very little guilt, (which isn’t always possible).

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate isn’t its own food group, but treats are not all bad. Moderation is the key. Eating healthy around the treats is also well advised.

But I do like my chocolate and with December 24 being my official kick-off of the holidays, I am looking forward to my Christmas stocking, which is always lovingly filled with….Chocolate. My boys have use to wondered why Santa only brought mommy chocolate…I told them, it was because daddy wanted mommy to be happy so he wrote it in his letter to Santa to bring me a stocking full of chocolate. And Santa hasn’t let me down yet.

So hats off to the Mayans and the Aztecs for creating the first chocolaty drink.


Beverly’s Hot Tips For Celebrating National Chocolate Day:

  • No tips here, other than to indulge responsibly


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Written by Beverly Beuermann-King

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