Workshop Audit – Choosing The Right Presentation

“With industries relying on the health of their workers to keep themselves on top, health and wellness promotion has emerged as a necessity in business success strategy.”

In order to bring the right stress management workshops and keynotes to your workplace, you may want to ask yourself and your participants a few questions.


Q – What does our team need to know or do in order to reduce stress and/or benefits usage and increase health, engagement, and productivity?  (Rank according to your current priority.)

Do we need:

1.    To clearly identify why our team feels so stressed

2.    To reduce stress’ interference on our success

3.    To alleviate our stress sooner

4.    To utilize positive strategies to deal with our current challenges

5.    To discover more ways that our leaders might lessen the stress of others

6.    To help our leaders identify the impact of stress on our organizational health

7.    To be more in control of our reactions to workplace issues

8.    To get more energy to make our day more enjoyable

9.    To feel more relaxed in high stress times

10.   To minimize our chances of burning out

11.   To increase our health as shift-workers

12.   To utilize more strategies to assist those feeling hopeless, helpless or dealing with depression

13.   To increase our joy during the holidays

14.   Additional strategies to deal with the day-to-day demands of family

15.   To ensure enough strategies to handle everyday life

16.   To learn further ways to reduce burnout from caring for elderly parents or ill family members

17.   To realize our priorities and become more satisfied with our life

18.   To learn more ways to handle difficult workers and difficult comments

19.   To reduce bullying, complaining, backstabbing and other difficult behaviours

20.   To develop more skills to shift negative attitudes

Stress & Wellness Workshops by BeverlyBeverly has worked with hundreds of organizations and companies in many industries and understands their unique stressors.  Contact Beverly to find out how to use the information above to find the right presentation for your team.

What do you want to achieve with this presentation?

  • Lower absenteeism, reduce impact of stress
  • Increased productivity, harness more energy
  • General stress management coping skills and stress management strategies
  • Team-building, know how to deal more effectively with each other
  • Higher morale, make it a healthy place to work
  • Fun and motivation

Workshop Formats

Short on Time?

  • Try a Stress Management Lunch ‘n’ Learn.  Many companies opt for this 60 to 90 minute format when it is difficult to gather everyone together.

Also Available

  • Regenerative Half-Day Team Sessions
  • Full-Day Focused Retreats
  • Conference Workshops & Keynotes

Workshop Logistics


  • Workshop presentations are fully interactive and use a combination of personal assessment tools, videos, personal stories, and group learning.  Presentations include bound resource manuals for each participant.

Group Size

  • Workshops can be delivered to groups from 20 to 500.

Session Checklist

  • Click on the Session Checklist link to find information on room set-up, equipment requirements and participant information.

If you have questions on what presentations would meet your team goals, Beverly is here to help. Contact Beverly at 705-786-0437 or