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The Truth About Stuff And How To Avoid It From Taking Over

use less stuffI have a lot of stuff!  Some stuff I use regularly.  Some stuff is more seasonal.  Some stuff hardly sees the light of day and other stuff, is just stuff taking up space. As we prepare for the holidays and the new year, it is a good time to look and see how you can use less stuff and/or get rid of the stuff that you have. ...

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Ouch! How To Relieve Jaw Pain Caused By Stress

TMJ AwarenessIs stress making your jaw ache?  Has the dentist recommended you sleep with a mouth guard to stop you from grinding your teeth down to little nubs?  When we get stressed, the muscles in the face create an abnormal pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) causing the pain many people suffer from.  At first many of us ignore jaw pain and tension as...

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Magic Week: Tips On How To Let Magic Relieve Your Stress

magic showDo you believe in magic?   These words from a popular 1965 song may have us thinking about magic this week as Halloween approaches. Did you know that there is even a 'magic' spell for stress relief? "Magic moon burning bright, Let my will be done tonight, answer now my earnest spell, let things with ____ all be well." Not sure about the spell?  Not sure you believe in magic?  Wishing that your relief...

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Boss’s Day: Tips To Building The Best Relationship With Your Boss

boss's day octoberAre bosses who are fair, supportive and kind gone the way of the dodo bird? If we were to listen to the media or the complaints from friends and family, you would think that this was true.  Most of what we hear is negative. We hear about cut-throat bosses.  Bosses who are bullies.  Bosses who steal all the glory for themselves.  Bosses...

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How To Promote A Healthy Workplace

Healthy WorkplaceIt saddens me, when we still hear stories of how employees feel hopeless and helpless to change negative situations and the stress of it all ends up having a good employee leave. A good friend of mine, who has worked for years in a large company, has just this sort of story.  She had been promoted over the years, rewarded for her achievements and was a solid employee.  In the...

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