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Looking for helpful ways to cope with work and life stress? Discover resiliency and wellness strategies that will lead to more joy, success and meaning in your life with these poignant weekly postings that are based on daily, weekly or monthly awareness celebrations. For specific stress and wellness topics, use the search feature located at the top or bottom of this website.

Children Can Melt Your Heart AND Make You Scream

stress and parentingIgnorance can be bliss. If I had known the shear challenge of raising two strong-willed, spirited boys, I may never have become a parent… But then I would never have known the joy of a single hug, the warmth of a small hand nestled in mine or have the picture perfect memory of them sleeping on my lap. [tweet_box design="box_11" float="none" inject="#stress #resiliency "]As parents, we have to learn...

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When A Child Dies: How To Support Bereaved Parents

bereaved parents and stressThe loss of a child is the most stressful and inconsolable of losses to deal with. It violates the natural order of things and it's not fair for an innocent to see their dreams unfulfilled. As parents, we may feel we are solely responsible for the well-being of our children and we may feel like we have failed our child. Often...

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How To Create A Connection Mindset To Boost Resiliency – July

Social Connection and Resilience There are so many different aspects to health. We hear daily about eating right and exercising, but health also involves our social connections and interactions.   With more people living alone or separate from extended family and friends, it is critical that we are as diligent about our social well being, as we are about our physical well being.   [tweet_box design="box_11" float="none" inject="#stress #resiliency "]July is Social Wellness...

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Liar, Liar: Learn More About Tell The Truth Day – July 7

Tell The Truth Day - JulyLiar, liar, pants on fire. Have you ever told a lie?  Even a little white lie? Is it ever okay to lie?  Is stretching the truth lying?  Is lying by omission lying? They say that children and fools tell the truth.  But we know that this isn't true.  Children lie all the time. They pick it up from...

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SOS To STRESS Day – June 30

SOS To STRESS"Coping with stress is simple...though not always easy." We hear so much about stress.  Most of it negative.  Most of it about the sources or symptoms.  Some of it inaccurate.  And much of it not helpful. SOS To STRESS Day was conceived because we need to hear more about how to deal with stress and build our resiliency.  We already know that it is bad to be "under" too...

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