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Looking for helpful ways to cope with work and life stress? Discover resiliency and wellness strategies that will lead to more joy, success and meaning in your life with these poignant weekly postings that are based on daily, weekly or monthly awareness celebrations. For specific stress and wellness topics, use the search feature located at the top or bottom of this website.

Stress Free: Why It’s Time To Break For Recess – June 21

no time for breaksI remember running out of the school double doors to get to the swing first. I loved when we would split into teams and play baseball in one long, never-ending game. I hated those stressful days when it rained and we had to stay indoors in the classroom reading quietly. I wanted to be out, running around and enjoying active time...

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Utilize The Amazing Benefits Of Photography To Combat Stress June 15

Photography DayRemember that there was once a time when photography didn't exist.  A time when precious or stressful moments couldn't be captured, uploaded and shared. I look back at my baby pictures and there were only a handful. My mom and dad had a single picture each and I don't know if I have ever saw one of any of my grandparents. Compare all of that...

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Is Being Barefoot Stress-Free or Stressful? June 1

Workplace Wellness Barefoot DayRemember when you where young and relatively stress-free and you couldn't wait for summer to come so that you could get rid of the boots and shoes and play in your bare feet in the grass? Or how relaxing it felt to be walking on the beach in the warm sand or the stressful hesitation when crossing the gravel driveway? Today is part of...

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Resilient Mind: What You Think Grows Upon You Day May 31

What You Think Upon Grows Upon YouWhat you think upon grows. This stress management tool and Eastern truism sums up the greatest and most fundamental of all the Laws of Mind. Whatever you allow to occupy your mind, you magnify in your life. Whether the subject of your thoughts be good or bad, the law works and the condition grows.  (Make Your Life Worthwhile by Emmet...

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Powerful Connections: Celebrate Visit Your Relatives Day May 18

Visit Your Relatives Day I find it very hard and often stressful to stay connected to family and friends.  Our lives are busy.  Sometimes our visits with family are relegated to Christmas and maybe a few other major holidays throughout the year. Setting up time to connect with friends seems like a major exercise in the calendar shuffle. It is not that I...

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