Common Elements Of A Wellness Program

Aon Hewitt conducted a Rapid Response Survey on wellness programs. The most common elements of a wellness program are

  • employee and family assistance programs (EFAPs) (currently offered by 88% of respondents)
  • newsletters (64%)
  • lunch-and-learn sessions (60%)
  • on-site fitness, yoga and nutrition classes (37%)
  • online health risk assessments (HRAs) (39%)
  • coaching to support behavioural changes (17%)
  • on-site biometric risk...

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Common Benefits To Combat Stress

The Employee Benefits Healthcare Study 2013, which surveyed 376 HR and benefits professionals, found that the most common benefits to combat stress in the workplace include:

  • a counselling or employee assistance program (88%)
  • flexible working or work-life balance policies (80%)
  • policies on bullying or harassment (73%)
  • workshops or training for managers (43%)
  • education for staff...

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